Electric DIY Guitar Building Kit LP Style
Electric DIY Guitar Building Kit LP Style
Electric DIY Guitar Building Kit LP Style

Electric DIY Guitar Building Kit LP Style

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This DIY Electric Guitar Building Kit is an amazing gift for music lovers who want to want to create their own state of the art electric guitar from scratch! It is made from mahogany and rosewood, which gives it a very authentic look and feel. You can fully customize its appearance and paint over it to give it your own stylish design.

In a world full of smartphones and apps, this guitar building kit is a great way to do something fun and practical with your loved ones. After you have completed building your electric guitar, you'll then be able to play it and create some funky grooves whenever you like!

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FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE -  Thanks to the wooden material of this DIY guitar, you can customize every inch of it to your liking and create a one of a kind guitar.

ALL-IN-ONE - This DIY guitar kit comes with all of the components needed in order for it to be transformed into a fully-fledged electric guitar.

LIGHTWEIGHT - You can take this customizable guitar kit wherever you want as it is only 5 pounds and very portable. It's also suitable for kids and adults alike.


Type: LP Style
Body: Mahogany
Neck: Mahogany
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Frets: 22 Frets
String: Nickel Alloy
Numbers of Strings: 6
Tuner Peg Type: Closed
Potentiometer Type: A504/A504/B504/B504
Guitar Bridge System: Adjustable
Guitar Pickup Type: Passive
Guitar Pickup Configuration: 2 Humbucker
Pickup Selector Switch Type: 3 Ways
Item Weight: 5.7lbs (Body+Neck)
Package Size: 28.1 * 19.3 * 3in
Package Weight: 9.9lbs


1x Guitar kit
1x Guitar cable


Electric DIY Guitar Building Kit LP Style